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We are able to help individuals, entrepreneurs, investors and business owners in all fifty states! We have a DUNS #

Must be a U.S. citizen, have a 

Social Security # and a 630+ 

Fico Score (credit score)


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Learn how to MAKE $54,000 in a MINUTE and TEN seconds? Attend one of our seminars on a Tuesday and/or Thursday or request a private meeting (800) 403-4225.

We can FIX your credit, so that YOU can qualify for $100,000 or more within three months? Contact us today!

We can build your CREDIT SCORE 

50-90 Points within 2-3 weeks! Contact GTHT Investors today 

(800) 403-4225

Obtain a Signature Line of Credit


With just your signature~ YOU can obtain lines of credit from $40,000 to $140,000 & more on Personal and Up to $400,000 with Business Funding!

GTHT Investors ~ In Business Since 1985

Fees as low as 10%! Remember~ NO collateral needed for money used!

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GTHT Investors donates thousands each and every month to Abused WOMEN at two locations in the Chicago suburbs.

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We've been in business since 1985~ A trusted source for quick financing! Interest Rates start at 6.5% to 13.75%. Remember~ this is a Signature Line of Credit, using NO collateral! This procedure is NOT a loan. In July through October~ ALL Lines of Credit are @ 6.5% on lending!!

Ask us about clearing negative items from your credit reports? Collections, judgments, bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, lates, inquiries? We can do it all! Give us a try (800) 403-4225

We can build your CREDIT SCORE 

50-90 Points within 2-3 weeks! Contact GTHT Investors today 

(800) 403-4225

$750 Fee for Credit Consultation 


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