Donna from New York >>> I met Dennis in Chicago while on vacation. He was eating lunch next to me at the counter. While he was on his cellphone, I heard him mention that he was getting the individual on the other end- money? So when he got off the call, I asked him. A couple of months later, I was in business after obtaining $263,500!

Albert from Florida >>> I received $179,250 from 11 banking institutions with my 688 Fico Score. My credit had taken a hit from one collection and quite a few inquiries. But with the money that I obtained, I was able to get my computer repair business off and running.

David from Illinois >>> I needed money to go into business. The only problem was- my student loans were excessive! Dennis explained to me how I could pay off all of my student loans and still go into business. Wow! With my 743 Fico Score, I was able to obtain $338,000! I paid off my student loans of $162,818 and went into business within two months. I would recommend GTHT Investors to everyone! 

Sarah from Indiana >>> I married at a young age, while I owned the flower shop that my grandmother gave me. I wanted to expand and put a greenhouse on the adjacent property, almost four acres behind my flower shop. Dennis showed me how to get the money that I needed to build this greenhouse and grow my own flowers! As I was ordering flowers almost everyday from Holland. Now I grow all of my own flowers with the almost $200,000 that I obtained.

Simon & Addie from Texas >>> I met Dennis in 2000, while he was visiting the Dallas area from Chicago. It wasn't until late 2008, when we obtained $291,300 from his lenders. We were able to go into the plastic molding business right away. It's 2019 and we are about to celebrate our 10th year in business!

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