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We want to help YOU start a business using our method of success. But YOU must listen to every word that we tell YOU?  GTHT Investors has the expertise to make YOU wealthy! How much is it worth to YOU to have financial security? Our Plan to Wealth starts at $499.00 (one-time yearly fee) plus $32.00 (fee every month) Are YOU ready? PAYMENTS made BELOW:

We now offer a Monthly Payment Option of $79.00

                 >>> CHINA IMPORTS & EXPORTS Services Below <<<

        Please VIEW our SLIDESHOW on China before YOU decide to JOIN 

                         our Imports/Exports Partnership


Available only (in person) in the CHICAGO SUBURBS at the moment* GTHT Investors will instruct YOU on how to start a business (STEP by STEP) Either with our business ventures or your own business venture.


In this strategy- GTHT Investors will instruct YOU on our FORMULA to WEALTH! We will show YOU how to get your business listed on the business credit reporting bureaus: D&B; Experian; and Equifax. We will show YOU how to APPLY for business credit cards, how to use them properly and how to keep excellent credit on the bureaus!


Now we have devised a way~ that YOU can multiply your WEALTH several times over! By explaining to two other people (21 years of age & over) on how THEY too can become wealthy? After YOU have paid your $499.00 + $32.00; YOU can begin to ADD to your DOWNLINE! 20 LEVELS!!


Strategy Levels: Once YOU bring in two people~ YOU then begin to receive commissions!! $85.00 for every person brought into our NETWORK and $5.00 per month on that 1st Level. $3.00 on the 2nd Level. $2.00 on the 3rd Level. $1.00 on the 4th through 20th Levels!! Everyone learns How to Start a Business; Strategies on our System to WEALTH and other ventures in which GTHT Investors can instruct YOU on..


Your strategy and goal from here on out~ is to make as much money in a short period of time as possible. We will instruct YOU and whomever you bring into the fold~ on how to do this! Show YOU and others, how to do this without using your own money. When YOU are READY to get started- PRESS onto the $499.00 PAYMENT BUTTON as well as your FIRST MONTH'S PAYMENT of $32.00. 

ALL  FUTURE MONTHLY PAYMENTS of $32.00 are made at this website, on this Networking 20 webpage. Your COMMISSIONS are PAID on the 1st Thursday of every month from the previous month's business. 

PAYMENTS made BELOW: $32.00 Monthly Payment Fee & the One-time Entrance Fee of $499.00. First-timers must pay BOTH fees to gain entrance into our teaching seminars. ALL FEES are non-refundable. By making the Entrance Fee & any Monthly Fee~ YOU have AGREED to this STATEMENT within this webpage. GTHT Investors will agree to instruct YOU in their strategies and techniques within their SYSTEM. Every member will agree to sign a CONTRACT for each strategy and will abide by the Rules & Regulations set forth by GTHT Investors. Any business venture outside of their system will be taught in outside seminars, either in person or online.

* Online seminars will be available to all fifty states (and Washington D.C.) in July 2017

Interested investors/entrepreneurs should send an e-mail to:


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Our Services


Announcing our newly-formed China Imports & Exports Services as of August 1st, 2017!

We will be accepting partnerships as of this date. Please read for instructions. 

Announcing our SERVICES


As of August 1st, 2017 YOUR Company will be able to do TRADE with China through our China Imports & Exports Services!

New Services


Your company will be able to import or export products from/to China! We will have a representative who will travel three times each year in your company's name.

Company Sign-Up


Beginning on August 1st 2017~ YOU will be able to Sign-Up your company as a DISTRIBUTOR into PORTS within China! 

We will act as a REPRESENTATIVE on your behalf. Our GTHT Investors REPRESENTATIVE speaks fluent Mandarin. 




With our $499 yearly membership fee & $32.00 monthly fee~ YOU will be entitled to use our REPRESENTATIVE to purchase and export products from nine different ports in China!


We also Export to Poland, African continent and to India

August 19th 2017


If YOU want to make serious MONEY? Come to our next Meetup on Saturday, August 19th 2017 at 5:30 PM, Panera Bread- Route 59 & Caton Farm Road in Plainfield IL

Some of the exciting Export products to China are: baby food; baby toys; cherry products; electronics, lingerie, nylons~ ALL made in America; and kitchen utensils too. Get in on our knowledge and insight! 

Sign-Up TODAY! (800) 403-4225.