Most Americans believe they're wealthy when they reach that pinnacle of $1,200 per week. They believe that they are in the Middle Class? Great perception~ but they are way off! They have just begun to see their problems..


Now with that $1,200 per week, they begin to create debt. Purchase a new vehicle or lease one? They start living beyond their means? Sound familiar? And those credit cards are sooo easy to use? But at 18%-25%, a family can really get into financial trouble!


That trouble begins when YOU over-extend yourselves! Between a house payment (rental), health insurance costs and children (they're very expensive), YOU can really get into credit card debt. Over extended credit cards~ GTHT Investors offers a FREE service? Details ahead!

Over-Extended Credit Card Debt

If YOU are applying for our Signature Line of Credit~ GTHT Investors can help YOU! We can lead you to one or two lines of credit which can help YOU pay down your credit card debt. Contact us today to get started (800) 403-4225. You must have at least a 625 Fico Score (credit score) and two major credit cards listed on your credit reports: Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.

Great News!

Now once you've cleared off your credit card debt with a line(s) of credit from our banks~ And this shows up on all three credit reporting bureaus- WE can lead YOU to the BIG money! From $20,000 to $140,000, possibly more? We have helped several people erase credit card debt, especially those in real estate. Who like to make money on fix n flips, but never pay down their credit cards after that profit? Sound familiar?


Wouldn't you like to dissolve that credit card debt and have a clean slate? Continue on with your business, start a business or just use this money for whatever you like? Our SOLUTION is US~ GTHT Investors! We want to invest in YOU! Why continue to pay 18% to 25% on debt, when you DON'T need to? Let GTHT Investors help YOU. Contact US today (800) 403-4225.

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