Mini Shopping Malls


Onsite Selection Process

With our up-to-date Shopping Mall Selection Tool- GTHT Investors will give you insight into a fabulous way to make money without the hassles of fixing n flipping, house rentals and foreclosures! 

Making Money Without Worry

Learn how to make money while sleeping? While spending time with your family? While fishing on a lake filled with bass? While attending a play or a concert? Trying on dresses (ladies?) Getting your nails done? Start the process today!

Design Your Lifestyle

Mini Shopping Mall investments can add to your equine venture. We have entrepreneurs right now making in excess of $100,000+ each and every month, owning mini shopping malls and racehorses! Let us design your lifestyle today?

We have over 1,700 listings of the finest mini shopping malls in America! Many are owned by individuals who would like to retire or who want to get out of ownership. Great deals can be made, but only if you act as soon as possible?

NO money? NO problem!

GTHT Investors works with more than thirty banks across America. We can obtain a Signature Line of Credit from multiple banking institutions! All YOU need is a 675+ Fico Score. This process takes 2-5 weeks. The higher your credit score (Fico), the quicker that you can obtain the funds needed for investment. NO collateral is required on your behalf. You don't need to use your own money?


Partnerships can be most-intriguing. We have several that we can show you how they work/operate. Only one person is needed to obtain a Signature Line of Credit with qualifications. That 675+ Fico Score; two+ major credit cards (no debit cards) with a minimum $5,000+ or more credit line and either a vehicle loan or student loan in good standing? 

Why Procrastinate?

Get started today! (800) 403-4225, cal us and set up an appointment; either in person or online/telephone? We can having YOU making more money in one month, than 95% of Americans make in one year? Would YOU like to make $30,000 per month, every month? How about $50,000, $100,000, even $200,000 each and every month? Contact GTHT Investors to learn how..

YOU control the MONEY at all times! Your own bank account. GTHT Investors just provides the current up-to-date information on investments.

GTHT Investors now has 38 entrepreneurs who have purchased mini shopping malls, anywhere from 9-14 units. The average monthly profit (from rents) averages $22,500 each

month, per minishopping mall. Why fix n flip and wait for your dollars? Join us today 

Douglas started with us in February of 2017. He obtained funding in the amount of $142,400 and quickly purchased three thoroughbred racehorses and his first mini shopping mall! Since that time, I have been notified by our Purchase Department, that he has five mini shopping malls and four racehorses! Last month he made $141,850. He will continue to make this amount or more, each and every month!!

(800) 403-4225.