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Josh of Illinois

Hi! I'm Josh of northeastern Illinois. In March of 2017 I became an owner of three thoroughbreds. GTHT Investors showed me how to earn more money in one month, that I was earning in one year!

It is mid July of 2017, as I write this article for their website. I've been a thoroughbred owner for four months now and just acquired my sixth racehorse! I also am closing on my first mini shopping mall! During the first four months, I have made $172,320 with my thoroughbreds and expect to make even more, once I reach ten racehorses and hopefully 3-4 mini shopping malls.

For years, I worked from 8-5 at my desk job and also fixed n flipped homes. But I didn't make anywhere near what I am making now! The highest income that I ever made in one year was $136,200. I can see my future before my eyes!

Tara of California

Hello, I am Tara. I am so excited to tell you about my second go-around with GTHT Investors!! I have only been with them for a few months now, but have already purchased five thoroughbreds, through the tutelage of Pastor D and now two mini shopping malls!

In my previous go-around with GTHT Investors, I owned eleven racehorses and made just over $6 million in two and a half years! But during my divorce, I took a monetary settlement with my husband, as he kept the thoroughbreds. What a mistake? Those racehorses can make you a fortune!

I've learned my lesson and will listen to GTHT Investors from now on. I have watched several people obtain money from GTHT Investors' banking institutions and squander away their money on fix n flips, foreclosed properties and rentals. So much aggravation and grief! 

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Phil of Indiana

I recently obtained $125,000 from GTHT Investors' sources and my racing license in two states. I've purchased four thoroughbreds last month and one has already ran second. I also put in $45,000 of my own money ($170,000 total)

I just want to tell you. I left my $750,000 a year job as a banking official to do this venture. My wife thought I was crazy? I had a few doubts myself. But after my racehorse ran second, losing by a whisker- I believe in Dennis!

I will also be closing on my first 14-unit mini shopping mall next week. It is mid July 2017 and I expect to make well over a million dollars by mid 2018! If you have a 700 plus Fico Score, get involved now!

Phil's brother now has obtained funding and will be joining his brother by purchasing three thoroughbreds within the next few weeks. He wants to purchase this one racehorse for $62,500 to start, which we provided within our equine system. Soon he will be making more money than he did with his $120,000 per year position in Indiana.

Annie of Delaware

I obtained my $162,500 with my 804 Fico Score two weeks ago and my thoroughbred ownership license last week. I will be purchasing four thoroughbreds with Pastor Dennis' help/knowledge and sytem during this weekend.

GTHT Investors also has given me the option of purchasing an 11-unit mini shopping mall in Wisconsin, which I will be putting down $25,000 early next week!

If you have a 700+ Fico Score (credit score), what are you waiting for? It took me three weeks to obtain my money. I will be turning over my business that I ran for ten years to my husband and my sister. I realize that I can make much more owning thoroughbreds and mini shopping malls!!  

Oh, I live in Delaware and he's in Illinois. I have never met him personally. But a friend of mine, Mary of Kentucky (who is making almost $300,000 every month under GTHT Investors) told me about him. What a find!

Randy and June of Illinois

We recently mortgaged our home worth $565,000 during the past month. We are taking $250,000 and purchasing five thoroughbreds and two mini shopping malls.

We want to sit back and start collecting money each and every month! GTHT Investors states that we could be bringing in between $60,000-$75,000 each month from our initial investment!

We will also purchase an additional racehorse every month, including standardbreds (harness racehorses) too! We both can see the earnings multiply during the upcoming months!! If you are sitting there with a 700 Fico Score- what are you waiting for?

We also will begin to invest in mini shopping malls soon. We are looking here in Illinois and down in Florida through their system. 

Here are three new stories:

Alan (and his wife) of Ohio were introduced to us through a mutual partner in December of 2017. He and his wife were both out of work, he lost his job with the federal government late last November and she was looking for work as a nurse. They obtained $215,350 with our services (14 banks) and by February of this year (2018); they began ownership of five thoroughbred racehorses!! Since mid March, they've earned $49,118 and have purchased a sixth racehorse in Kentucky. They believe they have found their financial fortune for LIFE!!

Alaina from New York was introduced to GTHT Investors through a current member, Annie. She flew into our area and I explained to her (at a meeting in OakBrook's Marriott) how we could help her. She qualified for almost $400,000 with her 775 Fico Score. She purchased four thoroughbred racehorses with $170,000 of her money and now owns five racehorses!! She is making well over $50,000+ every month!! She came back to see us personally in early May 2018. 

John (in a wheelchair for LIFE) obtained $192,700 from our connections in New York in January of 2018. By the end of February~ he obtained his racing license in New York and now owns three thoroughbreds!! He is currently racing them with his partner and friend at New York racetracks. They have made more than $30,000 in the first few races with their racehorses.


If YOU have ANY questions~ Please contact Dennis at GTHT Investors: (800) 403-4225 as soon as YOU can!

Why procrastinate? I have files filled with people who have or are procrastinating currently. You control ALL of the bank/racetrack accounts, GTHT Investors only gives YOU the opportunity to make MONEY? We just explain to YOU what to invest in (thoroughbreds with our system and the most up-to-date mini shopping malls available)

It's up to you? Are you happy working everyday? Driving in traffic? Sitting on a train, playing with your cellphone? You could be making enough money to take a vacation every month? To buy whatever you want? Contact us today! My (Dennis') cellphone is: (815) 641-8430.

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