Donald from Tennessee

I obtained my money in May of 2009. It has taken me almost ten years to get involved with thoroughbred racehorses. I finally got started in California in February of 2018!

With the money that I obtained in 2009, I took $215,000 and purchased five thoroughbreds. I now own ten racehorses and am making over $100,000 each and every month! GTHT Investors system works! 

John from New York

I am a procrastinator! I wait and wait and wait, until sometimes, great things pass me by? But I spoke with Carl of GTHT Investors and he told me to contact Dennis. I did contact him in March of 2018, whereby I purchased four thoroughbred racehorses and now have seven! From the money that I obtained in 2014. Four years later, just sitting with over $300,000. 

Amy of New Mexico

Hello, my name is Amy T. I got involved with Dennis from GTHT Investors in 2008. I didn't obtain money until 2013- five years after I met him in a restaurant, when he passed me his business card.

After I obtained well over $250,000, I began doing fix 'n flips with my two sisters. We did fairly well, but the pain of waiting for our money from the projects took a toll on all of us. I remember Dennis telling me all of this? And about the thoroughbred racehorses. Which we all purchased in April of 2018! We now have eight racehorses and are making between $80,000 to $110,000 each and every month! You need to do this, don't procrastinate!

Bobbi from Delaware

My husband is a banker. I am a housewife with three grown children, all in their 20's. It was about time I did something for myself, since my husband didn't approve of me obtaining money and really doing nothing with it. Well I did buy land and an apartment building- which I rented out three apartments.

So I obtained money from Dennis of GTHT Investors in October of 2009. But I didn't begin to purchase thoroughbred racehorses until May of 2018. Talk about procrastination? I still own my land and that three flat, but now I own six racehorses! I am making well over $125,000 each and every month! One of those $40,000 racehorses is making $50,000 or better each and every month! He really is a winner that Dennis picked for me. Senasational racehorse!

Harry (and partners) from Ohio

I was the one who obtained almost $400,000 (at 18.5%) way back in 2012. But it took us until late May of 2018 to obtain these thoroughbred racehorses. Talk about procrastination! We have a small partnership, the five of us. We got into all types of projects since 2012, fix 'n flips, buying commercial projects, tax liens, you name it.

Now we have all own nine racehorses, including two standardbreds (harness horses) that run in New Jersey. We make in excess of $100,000 each and every month! GTHT Investors knows what they're doing! As I was told, 99% of the investors who own racehorses- know nothing about them. They were right! 

Beth from Florida

I obtained my original money from Dennis of GTHT Investors in 2016. I've been sitting on it since then? Going to meetings, start up seminars and wasting my time. So I finally contacted Dennis in July of 2018. I now own five thoroughbred racehorses who are making me over $60,000 each and every month since mid August of this year.

All I can tell you is- DON'T procrastinate! Get started with these racehorses! I didn't know anything about the racing industry, nothing. But Dennis of GTHT Investors explained everything to ME. Step-by-step. Its so easy, I could kick myself for sitting on my money!