Fico Score


Detailed Objective

Are YOU ready to put your Fico Score (credit score) to work? A 740+ Fico Score is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! YES, this is true! So let's examine how easy this is to put your credit score to work, possibly earning you MILLIONS. 

Example #1 Darla from New Hampshire

I met Josh from GTHT Investors in 2014. He works with Dennis and other investors. Josh showed me how my credit score was a valuable asset. At that time, mid 2014- my score was 746. My divorce was final that April, so I really had to find something financially rewarding. It was just my young son and I and I wasn't making enough money to live on.

Josh turned me over to Dennis in Illinois. I was going to visit my older sister in Hammond, Indiana- so he met me on a Sunday. Dennis showed me how I could obtain almost $300,000 with just my signature. I was scared at first, but when the money began coming in, I was ready to begin my new life with my son! 

Example #2 Ted from Kentucky

Now I knew about thoroughbred horses, being from a small town in Kentucky. So when I met Dennis in July of 2015, he explained to me how my Fico Score could help me pay for racing thoroughbreds!

Within a couple of months, I owned four racing thoroughbreds and made $51,000 in profits in just days! Fast-forward to November 2018- when I wrote this article for their website; I now own twelve racing thoroughbreds and make well over $100,000 each and every month! that's what a 771 credit score can do for you! 

Let's fast check our system

If YOU have a Fico Score (credit score) that is over 700+ with 3-5 major credit cards (that have a minimum of a $5,000 credit limit), with a vehicle loan and/or a home loan (all in good standing) YOU can qualify for over $200,000!

YOU are (literally) sitting on a gold mine! It doesn't get any easier than this folks! No matter if you want to invest in thoroughbred racehorses, or residential property, tax liens or just your existing/new business- YOUR Fico Score can qualify YOU for MONEY! Why procrastinate? Contact GTHT Investors today (800) 403-4225.

Example #3 Hilga from Florida

I met Dennis in 2016 while at an Entrepreneur Conference in Oakbrook, Illinois. Once he handed me his business card, I knew my life would be changing. My Fico Score was 802, on two bureaus and 791 with Experian. Dennis was able to obtain just under $400,000 for me within a few weeks. I did pay a high rate (16.5%), but he showed me how my racehorses would pay for all of my expenses, including that high interest rate!

It's early December of 2018 and I now am financially set! I own nine racing thoroughbreds, two mini shopping malls and several apartment buildings. Each and every month I look forward to collecting well over $200,000! Let your credit score change your life. I take a 10-day vacation every month or so, anywhere I want. 

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