Frequently Asked QUESTIONS?


What are the Basic Principles of Networking?

Neal of Illinois:

The Five Basic Principles of Networking are: 1) Show a genuine interest in the person that you are speaking with; 2) Always try and remember their name- pick something out from them where their name always comes to mind; 3) Focus and listen! Always keep quiet first, let them speak and then either answer or begin to tell them about yourself; 4) Body language? Get/Keep the conversation going with a prepared speech, connect with your knowledge- always let them interrupt you while you speak; and 5) Offer something of value- Interact with a product/service; introduce them to/how to make money; use coaching techniques.

How can I apply for money if my credit score is over 700 but I owe too much credit card debt?

Brian of Wyoming:

GTHT Investors has a FREE program whereby we can help you bring down that credit card debt! Inquire with our coordinator. We can get you Signature Lines of Credit from $20,000 on up. This process takes about 4-8 weeks to clear this credit card debt off of Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. Then another 3-5 weeks to obtain over $140,000 without using any collateral.

Can you explain to me about how I can get started with those thoroughbreds?

Alice of Kentucky:

First you need money! Now once you have over $100,000, GTHT Investors will show you how to invest in the "right" racehorses! We have designed a system whereby we choose the trainer and racehorses for you and you sit back and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars! 

Is it difficult to purchase a mini shopping mall?

Beth Ann of New York:

Not really- once again, money is needed to get started. We would also like for you to be incorporated. We can guide you on how to become an LLC, an S Corp or C Corp. A down payment is needed to purchase a mini shopping mall and your off! We have a list of over 1,700 mini shopping malls across the United States, ready for purchase.

How can I make my new business grow, is their a formula?

Ruth of Illinois:

GTHT Investors will explain to you how to start your new corporation, how to apply for credit and how to use this new business credit. There are many factors after you become incorporated- we will explain everything in detail.

When can I begin to realize thousands in earnings from my thoroughbreds and mini shopping malls?

Morris of Illinois:

Once you've received your money from the banking institutions (Signature Lines of Credit; usually in the neighborhood of $142,000 with a 700+ Fico Score), GTHT Investors will guide you on the purchase of your racehorses and then mini shopping malls. For every racehorse that you own- you should make on average, close to $10,000 (after expenses) every start! Thoroughbreds race 12-18 times per year. With the purchase of a mini shopping mall- you should make on average, close to $20,000 (after expenses and management fee) Ten thoroughbreds plus five mini shopping malls, will equal close to $200,000 each and every month!! We have investors making that kind of money right now.

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