Requirements That Must be met



0% to 8.5% for Personal & Business Funding! Beginning on November 10, 2017~ Less than 10% for Business Funding..

In order to be approved for multiple Lines of Credit, you must be a US citizen and have a FICO score of at least 650 (in some cases less; if you can show at least two credit card lines with eight years and a minimum credit limit of $7,500 on each credit card) If you have a Fico Score of 725 or higher, this process becomes very simple.

Additionally, we require that you have two major credit cards that have been in use for six months or longer. Debit cards do not qualify. You will also need to have a minimum credit line of $5,000+ on each credit card and have any vehicle loans, student loans, and/or mortgages in good standing. If your debt ratio is more than 35%, the bank will also help you to pay down your debt. 

We also need a "color" copy of your current driver's license, a copy of your social security card and a copy of a current utility bill- so the banking institutions can make sure that YOU are a real person? Remember, this is a Line of Credit on JUST your signature, NO collateral.

Credit Reports

Obtain a copy of your credit report from Credit Check Total, CreditKarma or any other reputable credit report association. For only $1, these websites will provide you with a copy of your credit reports without causing a "hard inquiry on any report." We require copies from Credit Check Total by next day air or current email to present to our banking institutions. These are the only credit reports that we will accept. 

Now after you get your credit reports in-hand, please forward them to: They will be forwarded directly to the bank laisson officer. They will be reviewed by their office and from this point- someone will contact YOU with the Signature Lines of Credit that will be offered (from $20,000 to $140,000 or more) Credit lines for business up to $400,000 (on just your signature!)

By not following even one of these simple steps- YOU can delay your process considerably. Make sure to follow all of the steps that we have outlined. Thank YOU!

                              CREDIT RESTORATION

     If YOU have a Fico Score LESS than 675- We now have HELP for YOU! Please READ below. We can help with inquiries, judgments, leins, foreclosures and much more!



With our simple approach, we work with our clients and the lending institutions every step of the way. The only time that you will speak directly with the bank is when you are initially approved. At that point, the bank will call you to go over the terms and conditions. The next day, they will send you paperwork (contract) to a physical home or business address (no PO boxes). Once the bank receives your signed copies. You will then typically receive your money within three to five business weeks from the point of approval. This process is not a loan and does not require any collateral on your part.. 

700+ Fico Score Sitting?

Let GTHT Investors show YOU how to put your 700+ Fico Score to work for YOU? Why work a 9-5 job and have nothing to show for it? Sit down with us or contact us today (800) 403-4225. We will show YOU how to start making money each and every month~ that over 95% of Americans make in a year!

Sharing creates WEALTH!

Let us share with YOU our proven system! We have been in business since 1985, helping others realize their dreams. YOU control all of the money in bank accounts. We control what YOU do with that money. When YOU follow our proven system, YOU sit back and collect money daily! 

Credit Restoration

For $750.00~ GTHT Investors will help YOU restore your credit (if you have between a 425-675 Fico Score) and continue on applying for our Lines of Credit. We can get YOU that money to pay down those bulging over-extended credit cards! 

Monthly Plans are available..