1985 Danielle

A 33year old lady D.H.E., came to us in 1985 wanting money for her small business. She wanted to expand the one building that her metal company occupied with an attached building. We lent her $2.1 million! At that point in time, we charged her 6.5% interest. Which was awfully low during those years! Her Line of Credit was opened until 2002, when she finally paid it in full. 

1986 Fredrick

A 41 year old truck driver Fred, wanted to purchase a new cab for his over-the-road country business. We did get him the money! He made his $2,184 monthly payment to the banks which we placed him with. He then kept his Line of Credit open from 1988 until 2002. He also obtained a credit line in 2008. 

1997 Alan

This individual A.R., requested money in 1997 and again in 2006 for his small oil company, as he had found oil in the Gulf of Mexico! We sent a geologist down there to give our bankers an estimated amount that was found. There was $8 million worth of oil! We lent him $6.4 million for the needed equipment.. 

2009 Mary

A female entrepreneur M.C., in 2009 decided that she wanted to purchase a farm and a few thoroughbred racehorses~ So we lent her the money to purchase a farm in Kentucky and also for four thoroughbreds! She now has four barns filled with twenty-two racing thoroughbreds and has even began breeding a few! She makes over $200,000+ currently each and every month! 

E-Mail me: exodus1150@gmail.com

2011 Frank

In 2011, a gent F.B., wanted to purchase three racing thoroughbreds at local New York racetracks. After helping him with his credit~ We helped him purchase three racing thoroughbreds! Today, he has forty-four thoroughbreds, thirty-nine race and five breed! He makes over $350,000+ every month! 

2012 R.T. & L.Z.

In 2012, we helped two individuals (R.T. & L.Z) who were struggling to find funds for their small oil & trucking equipment company. We lent them money from an oil field in Texas, which had $6 million in oil reserves~ Within days, they had $4.8 million to get their business going again! 

GTHT Investors has helped well over 2,500 investors, entrepreneurs and just regular people since 1985!

Current Testimonials


2013 Louis

In 2013, we helped a Chicago limousine driver Louis, with a Line of Credit in purchasing a new Lincoln stretch! To this day, his Line of Credit is open and he just purchased a second limousine in 2015 for another driver, expanding his business! 

2014 Richard

In 2014, we helped R.D., with a Line of Credit of $90,000 to purchase uncut diamonds from South Africa! He came to Chicago, IL (through Israel) and took these uncut diamonds and sold them to a jeweler for quite a sum more! He still has his Line of Credit opened today! It has climbed to more than $750,000 in just over two years!  

2015 Edward

In 2015~ We obtained a Signature Line of Credit for this gent E.S., who was flipping houses in Illinois! Because of his unique 800+ Fico Score; we were able to get him $125,000 to secure one home and also pay for supplies needed to re-build another home.  

2016 James & Carol

In early 2016, James and Carol came to us seeking money for their flower shop. Wanting to extend the back, so they could grow their own flowers. We found them lines of credit to add a greenhouse. They had $42,000 of their own money and we found them lines of credit adding up to just over $134,000!

2016 Doug

In June of 2016, Doug of Indiana, was trying to change jobs, getting out of that 9-5 routine? He was stuck in an office, day after day- wasn't spending time with his family! We showed him how he could make $50,000 plus, each and every month! Putting his 756 Fico Score to work and to his advantage! He now owns nine thoroughbreds and two mini shopping malls! He waked up every morning now with money in several accounts! His family takes vacations every month.

Banking Regulations

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