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Back in 1982, I was driving a limousine- I owned four of them. Three stretch limousines and a sedan. One of my passengers was a Jewish fellow, in his 80's. So the conversation began this way (I was driving the sedan that Friday afternoon) He said: "I am looking for someone to buy my three thoroughbred racehorses. Do you know of anyone?" So I said: "How much for the three?" He looked at me and said: "If its you, $55,000." And so we began conversing about these racing thoroughbreds.

I didn't know anything about thoroughbreds, but I learned quickly. Just like 99% of the people who purchase racing thoroughbreds through GTHT Investors. We've made millionaires out of almost everyone who purchases these fine animals!

So I purchased his three thoroughbreds and made well over $100,000 in my first year. And with those winnings, I kept purchasing more racing thoroughbreds in the years to come, as well as standardbreds (harness horses) I've taught many how to make over $100,000+ each and every month! By 1995, I owned 56 thoroughbreds and standardbreds (which were under three corporate names)

In late 1985, I explained to two associates and their wives- how I was making money. They quickly purchased thoroughbreds and began making money alongside me! Since 2007, GTHT Investors have helped hundreds achieve financial wealth with racing thoroughbreds! Just READ what these entrepreneurs have accomplished in some of the webpages on this website. 

I've had tried everything in my life; fixing 'n flipping homes, buying commercial property, waiting for tax liens to mature, leasing, owning commercial vehicles (limousines and taxicabs) to wholesaling every property known to mankind! ONLY the racing thoroughbreds will make YOU sound money each and EVERY month! 

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