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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about GTHT Investors. We hope you enjoy our website and make sure to contact us. There are several webpages that explain how to invest your money on thoroughbred racehorses (and mini shopping malls!) 

GTHT Investors can find YOU the MONEY for your investment. Why use your OWN money? 680 to 850 Fico Scores (credit score) can get YOU up to $400,000!

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Thoroughbred Analysis System


System Generator

GTHT Investors Equine System Generator of Illinois is a thoroughbred (and standardbred) System Generator. In order for our clients to gain an edge selecting thoroughbreds and standardbreds on the racetrack. We have a detailed generating tool that utilizes exclusive technologies designed to give our clients a unique perspective on their horses. 


Since 1985, we have been helping our clients gain the edge with the exact background knowledge of each horse; which includes breeding, distance preference and information not seen within any racing information.

Testimonials Since 1985

Our previous/current clients can testify how fabulous our Thoroughbred (and Standardbred) Analysis System is! You will be informed every step of the way, with our Monthly Equine Charting Readout. Just visit our Testimonials webpage!

We have individuals making in excess of $100,000 each and every month! A few make well over $200,000 each and every month! Are YOU ready to make more money in ONE month, than you have in one YEAR? Keep reading.

Monthly Equine Charting Readout

Within this detailed readout- GTHT Investors will make sure that YOU understand everything about the horse(s) that you OWN, why they were SELECTED for you and what this horse(s) are accomplishing! We also will include all of the current up-to-date information on your trainer.

In the last 56 races of thoroughbreds selected by GTHT Investors~ We have 22 winners!   

7 seconds, 11 thirds and seven other racehorses that finished 4th, 5th or 6th! This is through mid July of 2017. An owner collects a paycheck from 1st through 6th place! 

Now as of mid August 2017~ In the last 98 races of thoroughbreds selected for owners by GTHT Investors~ We have 39 winners! 12 seconds, 20 thirds and fifteen racehorses that finished 4th, 5th or 6th! That's 86 racehorses of 98 that have collected paychecks!!

Stephanie was working a 9-5 job seven months ago~ She now owns eight thoroughbred racehorses and has won 7 of her last ten mounts!! And 9 of her 21 total.. She went from making $34,320 per year to $135,000+ per month!!

Jessica of Wyoming was working as a computer analyst for an insurance company. She said: "The most boring job in the world." She came across our website and called. I explained to her, that her 750 Fico Score would change her life! At first, she thought it was a dream? Especially two days later, when I told her that she qualified for over $150,000! I thought she had fall over? She's been in our system now for five months- owns four racing thoroughbreds and now one mini shopping mall! Last month, she made $89,112! You can do it too. She had never made over $45,000 in any year of her life!

Erin called and wanted to know how she could obtain $140,000+ with her 783 Fico Score? So in May of this year (2017); she applied for the money @ 22% fee/interest! I told her not to worry about the cost of the money. After purchasing thoroughbreds (with her sister), she began making money (down in Florida!) Her trainer purchased the three racehorses that GTHT Investors recommended. She has made well over $124,000 since the beginning of July (2017!) Her and her sister also are in the process of obtaining their first mini shopping mall in Arizona! Since Erin and her sister have started- they now own five thoroughbred racehorses and are almost ready to purchase a farm near Ocala, Florida!

Anthony and his wife Annie, have become the newest owners of thoroughbreds. They have purchased racehorses with their her brother in Florida and will be running their stock shortly. They purchased four thoroughbreds, one for $65,000 out of the barn and bringing this beast down to Gulfstream Park! They soon will be making money and forgetting about making ends meet on a weekly basis.

Beth and Jerry began applying for a Personal Line of Credit in early September 2017~ They finally have reached a point where they started acquiring thoroughbred racehorses in mid October. They now have three racehorses, of which two have already ran. One finishing first and the other 4th! Collecting money as owners, on each! They are well on their way to becoming millionaires!

Now as of November 1st, 2017- GTHT Investors has selected winning racehorses for our owners at a clip of 38%! With 87% finishing 1st through 6th place..

Now as of December 18, 2017~ GTHT Investors have created ninety-nine thoroughbred partnerships! All of these great partnerships will own or own at least three thoroughbreds and have obtained funds through the banks that we work with. We have partners earning over $200,000 each and every month!! Let's GET GOING!!!

Stephanie out in California, is going gangbusters! She has teamed up with two other partners and they have made well over 1 million dollars since the Breeders Cup! Together, they now own fourteen thoroughbreds- three of them Stakes racehorses!

Alan (and his wife) of Ohio were introduced to us through a mutual partner in December of 2017. He and his wife were both out of work, he lost his job with the federal government late last November and she was looking for work as a nurse. They obtained $215,350 with our services (14 banks) and by February of this year (2018); they began ownership of five thoroughbred racehorses!! Since mid March, they've earned $49,118 and have purchased a sixth racehorse in Kentucky. They believe they have found their financial fortune for LIFE!!

Now in April of 2018. Vernon came to us with his wife seeking money for their fix 'n flip business. He was in debt over $72,000, but had a 747 Fico Score. GTHT Investors was able to obtain $225,000 for the both of them. He was so intrigued with our thoroughbred partnership, he now owns racehorses in Kentucky! All five of his racehorses won their first time out!! After their first thirty days- they collected $124,000+ and are now well on their way to riches!! They didn't even seek any additional money for any future fix 'n flips. 

We start 2018 with SEVEN thoroughbred and/or mini shopping mall partnerships making in excess of $200,000+ and 119 partnerships overall! Why don't YOU join us? We can help YOU get your partnership off the ground~ without using your own money? Contact us today (800) 403-4225. As of September 1st 2018~ GTHT Investors has 146 thoroughbred partnerships and 39 mini shopping malls owned!! 

Thoroughbreds run 12-18 times per year on average. 


This is the most important process of your investment! Getting that selection of your thoroughbred (or standardbred) right? And this is why YOU need GTHT Investors in your corner! We have been selecting horses since 1985. We have owned, made millions of dollars ourselves, taught other investors to make money (millions in some cases!) And brought a peace of mind to many! Most have left their 9-5 job..

After selecting a thoroughbred for $25,000 or more- YOU should realize $9,328 per start profit (after expenses on average), from your racehorse! Adjusted higher, for more expensive thoroughbreds! Just view any racing program, especially racetracks in New York, Florida and California. Seek out the EARNINGS of any racehorse and divide by the number of races (yearly/lifetime)

Multiplication: (5) thoroughbreds x $9,328 = $46,640 monthly (10) thoroughbreds x $9,328 = $93,280 monthly! And that's $1,119,360 for the year! Any questions? 

YOU control the MONEY at all times, NOT GTHT Investors! Your own bank accounts and racetrack accounts. Its OWNERSHIP only~ NO gambling involved!  GTHT Investors just provides the current up-to-date information on thoroughbred investments. 

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Getting started is the KEY? Procrastination can kill dreams? We will be with YOU every step of the way! We will guide you on how to get the money that you need. Put that 700+ Fico Score to work. Learn how to make $30,000 to $150,000+ each and every month! We will show you how to get your owner's license. Select a trainer and much more! Contact us today: (800) 403-4225. We can meet in person or over the telephone. If you're in another state~ WE can meet online. Ownership, NO gambling!

Interested investors/entrepreneurs should send an e-mail to: gthtinvestors@gmail.com