The Past 30+ Years


Arthur from Nevada

When I first came to GTHT Investors, they were called Focus Financial. My credit was horrible (496 Fico Score) But I spoke to Jeff (through Dennis) in early 1986. They told me that they could help me restore my credit. 

It took nine months and plenty of negative items that were removed. I had a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that was seven years old, a judgment from 1977! Too many inquiries to count and a bunch of late pays. 

In September of 1986, my Fico Score was 672. I was rebuilding my credit with their help. I had my first two credit cards (a Discover Card and a MasterCard) and was able to obtain financing for a vehicle loan! 

In early 1987, Dennis obtained $210,000 for me and my family! I owe both Jeff and Dennis a great deal. Their system works! I've been in business since March of 1989, going on 30 years. 

Wyatt from California

I just need to say a few things. I met Dennis from Focus Financial in 1991, out in Las Vegas. He explained to me how he could help me restore my credit and get me money. I didn't believe him (my Fico Score was 623) But I listened to him and Darlene from Focus, along with Dennis, restored my credit to where I could open a Line of Credit for over $250,000! 

Annie from Maryland

I was married to bum! Literally! My credit was torn apart (my Fico Score was 551) I was in Chicago visiting my sister before my divorce was finalize in March of 1993. The people at Focus Financial really helped me, before and after my divorce!

By October of 1994, I was able to obtain over $175,000 for my new flower shop! I moved to the Chicago area from a small town in Maryland, leaving my ex-husband and my bad experiences behind.

Shane from Illinois

I found GTHT Investors through a friend of mine in 2007. Dennis knew that he could help me once he was told that my negative items were removable. He worked with someone at Equifax, who knew that many of my items were incorrect.

Within the first nine months, my Fico Score rose from 602 up into the 700's! I couldn't believe it? By the time I was ready for funding (and to purchase my first four thoroughbreds), my Fico Score was 755!

Fast forward to June of 2018 (11 years later), I own fourteen racing thoroughbreds, a farm and have a new wife! It all started when my life turned around in 2007.

Aaron from Indiana

I still can't believe it? I met Dennis and Hank (from Arizona: GTHT Investors' funding source) in 2014. I had just gone through credit repair for ten months. Someone that Dennis recommended. My Fico Score was 579 before I started and was 733 just before I obtained funding for my thoroughbreds. 

It's now October of 2018 and I own eleven racing thoroughbreds and three mini shopping malls (one in Illinois, one in Michigan and the other in New York) I am averaging $175,000 per month now, a far cry from my $42,000 a year job in Indianapolis. Thanks, Dennis (and Hank)  

Rhonda from Texas

My credit was in need of repair (my Fico Score was 628, in September of 2016) Dennis told me about a guy named Gene (from Pennsylvania) It took Gene almost a year for him to straighten out all of the (paid) collections and write-offs, along with those inquiries that were on my credit reports. 

By February of 2018, I was ready to obtain money (with my 729 Fico Score) I had been studying nursing, but once Dennis explained their thoroughbred racehorse ownership plan- I was all in!

It's November of 2018 and I now own six racing thoroughbreds and am almost ready to purchase my first 12-unit mini shopping mall in Arizona! I will never doubt Dennis, nor his other eight coordinators at GTHT Investors. 

Current Clients


Beth of New Jersey

When I first met Dennis, I had just turned 29 years old. I had $138,000 in student loan debt and really couldn't do anything, even though my Fico Score was 712. He told me that he could get me money, I could pay off my student loans and make $50,000 each and every month!

Within two months- I had a zero balance with my student loans and owned five thoroughbred racehorses in Florida! That was April of 2016. I currently own nine thoroughbreds, including one stallion, whom I breed. I am making well over $100,000 each and every month and am almost ready to purchase my first mini shopping mall! 

Kate of Illinois

If anyone doubts the genius of Dennis, please have him brief you on how to make money with thoroughbreds. I was not only able to pay off my credit card debt and student loan debt- but I now own nine racing thoroughbreds and two mini shopping malls! I take a vacation every other month (anywhere in the world), and I have not reached my 30th birthday! Last month I made a cool $147,339 profit! More than I ever made working for my previous employer (a law firm) in one year! 

Joey from Utah

I met Dennis and Carl through a friend, who had obtained money from them in 2011. I didn't call Dennis until December of 2016 (I procrastinated for eight months- what a mistake!) 

Dennis explained how to put my 733 Fico Score to work. Carl got me the money so I can enjoy the lifestyle that I have now ($306,500) I paid 15.5% for my money, but Dennis showed me how my racing thoroughbreds would pay off all of my debt. 

Today, I am debt-free and am making well over $150,000 each and every month! 

Georgia from New Mexico

Dennis is the MASTER! He showed me three times, how to make money with thoroughbred racehorses and mini shopping malls! That was in February and March of 2017. My husband thought I was crazy, but I thank God for listening to Dennis (and Carl) 

I (we) now own eleven thoroughbred racehorses and four mini shopping malls (all in New Mexico) My three partners (all women) and I make $70,000 each, every month! We take vacations almost every month and buy anything we want! We have traveled to China, Bermuda, Tahiti, Hawaii and Europe many times. Blessings to Dennis and Carl. 

Frank from Florida

I cannot believe that I make over $200,000 every month! I've known Dennis since 1993, when their company was called Focus Financial. Dennis (and Steve) brought me from ruins to BIG gains in just a few months. He put my 746 Fico Score to work!

I was struggling in mid 2017 with my steel business. Dennis showed me how I could make money with his program (thoroughbreds and mini shopping malls) and keep my business afloat. I cannot believe how easy this was.

Dave from Illinois

GTHT Investors not only showed me how to pay off my $214,000 student loan debt, but since January of 2018- I make well over $130,000 each and every month! With his system and the money (Line of Credit) I received from Roger- I now am living the lifestyle that I could only dream about before! 

If you do anything in life, make sure that YOU hear Dennis out! Listen to what he has to say. He WILL show you how to make money! No one has ever lost money with the thoroughbred racehorses that GTHT Investors chooses for you, nor the mini shopping malls.