Detailing What GTHT Investors Does

Well over 90% of our new investors know nothing at all about the ownership of thoroughbred racehorses, nor the mini shopping malls. GTHT Investors teaches new investors how to make money with both!!

Teaching the Basics

GTHT Investors has taught just under 200 Partnerships (thoroughbred owners and mini shopping mall investors) on how to be profitable for the remainder of your life. From having no knowledge to becoming a successful owner- is our #1 goal! Well over 90% of our thoroughbred and/or mini shopping mall owners know nothing about the thoroughbreds and/or mini shopping mall ownership.

Real Testimonials (7 of almost 200 Partnerships)

George of Pennsylvania: GTHT Investors obtained money for me in late 2016; but I didn't really use most of it until June of 2018, when I spoke with Dennis. He again explained to me how to own racehorses and those mini shopping malls. I now make well over $100,000 each and every month!

Annie of New Jersey: GTHT Investors delivered on their promises! I obtained $235.000 in June of 2017 and now I own several thoroughbred racehorses. I am almost ready to purchase my first mini shopping mall. 

Maggie of Nevada: Because of GTHT Investors, I now own six racing thoroughbreds and am making $50,000-$70,000 every month! Dennis and Jake made it so simple. Five weeks after obtaining my money, I was the proud owner of four thoroughbred racehorses! 

Ron of Florida: I love GTHT Investors! Dennis helped me obtain my owner's license in Florida, GTHT picked out my trainer and the five thoroughbred racehorses for me! I received my money in late April of 2018 and now I am making more than $65,000 each and every month! I am ready to purchase my sixth thoroughbred! I quit my job as a computer analyst!

Carrie of Illinois: I was making $42,000 a year working in downtown Chicago. I now make well over $70,000 each and every month owning thoroughbred racehorses- all because of Dennis at GTHT Investors! I don't need to sit on that train any longer and spend my days working for someone else. This is great! 

Harold of Indiana: I met Dennis in March of 2018. I made the decision to purchase thoroughbreds and move forward with his advice! Glad I did! I now make almost $175,000 each and every month, leaving my $200,000 per year job! 

Beth of Colorado: I met Dennis while in Chicago on a business trip. He explained to me all about the thoroughbred racehorses. I had never seen a racehorse up close. He taught me everything I need to know. I left my $325,000 per year job in September of 2018! I now make well over $100,000 each and every month with my seven racehorses!!

We Need MORE Partnerships!!

GTHT Investors is always seeking MORE thoroughbred and mini shopping mall partnerships. This process is so simple! Our owners have NEVER lost money at either. If one follows our instructions, YOU too will make $50,000+ each and every month!! GUARANTEED~ if YOU follow our simple instructions.

Obtaining Money From Our Lenders

GTHT Investors has made the process of obtaining money from our banks and lenders really simple. Be a U.S. citizen, have a S.S. card, a Fico Score between 630 and 850 with at least 3-4 credit cards (not debit cards with a minimum credit limit of $5,000) and a color copy of your State's Driver's License and a utility bill (just so we know that it's YOU) There is NO Application Fee and NO collateral needed for any Line of Credit up to $400,000.00!!

Any Questions?

Customers always have questions, WE have answers. Please feel free to contact GTHT Investors at (815) 641-8430 (Dennis' cell #) or (800) 403-4225 anytime. We want to make this process as easy as we can.